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Erica Loren, PCC, CPC is an ICF Certified Career and Leadership Coach who partners with professionals seeking happiness and fulfillment in their careers, by honing in on the belief that we all have the potential to discover our personal gifts through professional pursuits. She guides clients down a clear and focused path, toward a powerful vision of what they want to achieve in helping them discover their dream jobs. Erica demonstrates to clients that it isn't where they live or what they are doing, but who they believe they are that determines their success.

From executives at large corporations and non-profits, to entrepreneurs newly carving their own paths or improving their existing businesses, Erica has helped individuals all over the world make incredible improvement in their careers through pursuing their own happiness.  

Everyday, researchers are gathering more and more information about the role of happiness in the workplace and how it directly impacts the sales and success of organizations on a global level. Erica is not only helping companies and individuals address these correlations, but she is working with key decision makers to make well-being initiatives for employees a mandated compliance requirement. Her hope is that this will reduce the perceived threats in organizations,heal hurts and disappointments which cause stress that weaken and stifle creativity, innovation, well being, and productivity at all levels. 

Erica  graduated from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with a degree in Applied Science and Dental Hygiene. Then in 2010, she graduated from the Institute Of Professional and Excellence in Coaching where she received her coaching CPC, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner  Certification. More recently, Erica attended Villanova University and received a Master Certification in Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness, and 21st Century  Strategic Leadership.


Through out her lifetime Erica has also had the privilege to attend the Disney Leadership Institute  and 100's of courses with leading companies in business management, team work, communication, positive psychology,and employee engagement.


Ever since Erica was able to speak, she was the kind of child who could go on for hours. Now she has turned that ability into a gift,sharing impactful stories and profound messages from large companies to women and men, on how to get out of their career rut. Erica equally enjoys issues with teens on self esteem,career choices, and self empowerment. Erica  also speaks on a variety of  leadership topics such as positive psychology and employee engagement, where she helps to bridge the gaps from hurts and disappointments created in the workplace and inspire businesses to create a healthy thriving culture with community mindset and authentic engagement. Erica has had the privileged and honor to be mentored and coached by the world renowned  Motivational Speaker, Les Brown and is John Maxwell Certified. Erica has spoken on stage in a panel discussion with leaders and author's Margaret Moore PHd,Liane DaveyPhd, and Andrew Soren, at the International Coaching Federation, Science of Coaching Conference in 2014.More recently presented at the ICF Global Conference2017 in Washington DC on Employee Engagement.


Erica has big heart and loves to  volunteer. Erica's faith and community involvement is one way in which she can also provide pro-bono coaching, to undeserved woman and teens at Dress For Success and Saint Elizabeth's Women's College NJ. As a former ICF board member and volunteer, Erica advocates on behalf of  the International Coaching Federation NJ Chapter, to bring greater awareness to the world about professional coaching and its tremendous value and


Lastly and equally important,Erica is wild about her family.Fun facts:Erica is a twin and Aunt of 8 beautiful nieces and nephews, whom she contributes a lot of her success from.She truly enjoys all they teach her and the joy they bring to her life. Erica loves, loves,loves, to travel to exotic places, dine out for sushi, and nibble on Trader Joe dark chocolate. When she is not with her family she is out exploring and hiking in Northern New Jersey, working out at 5:00am, and playing with her dog Jackie- O.